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Morgal Investments 

Morgal Investments is a daughter company of two Israeli Companies having a project in St-Petersburg with the name “Planetorgad   
Canada Israel group and Electra Investments are one of the strongest and successful companies on a business market of Israel, they are   suppliers of almost all services in a field of construction and infrastructure projects, real estate, concentrating their attention on the style of life, creating new conceptions in   projects of commercial, dwelling and travel construction.
Companies are performing projects in state and in privet sector, acting as the main contractor of the designing, planning and construction of dwelling and commercial buildings,   hospitals, objects of transport infrastructure in Israel and all over the world.
 There are plenty of “Turn-key” projects executed by Canada Israel group and Electra Investments in Israel and in the world.  Developing activity of Electra Investments in East Europe includes creating of the project, designing, construction of dwelling and commercial objects in big cities of Russia (Sankt-Petersburg, Moscow), Bulgaria (Varna), Poland (Warsaw), Lithuania (Vilnius)  and Latvia (Riga).  Assets of the company Canada Israel group are different starting from range of projects of prestige dwelling up to commercial assets of thousands of acres of privet property in Israel and all over the world: Germany, Czech Republic, Poland, Canada, Russia, Germany and Dominican Republic. 
The Planetograd project is located in Pulkovskie heights near crossing of Pulkovo and Volkhonskoye high ways in Moskovsky district in the southern part of Saint-Petersburg.
The project is located 5,5 km from the ring road of St. Petersburg and 2,8 km from Pulkovo airport and in 20 km from the historical center of the city.
The project total area is 239,71 hectare.

The Project’s legal status

The “Planetograd” territory consist of three land plots that are private property of company “Morgal Investments” founded by “Canada Israel” and “Electra Investments”.
Компания не разместила информацию об открытых вакансиях.